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Kumpel brewery has started its own interpretation of India Pale Ale. It was brewed following the British recipes of the XVIII century, where for better storage and transportation to the traditional British beer there was generously added some hop. In Galicia, beer not only took up a famous earthy taste of hop, but also a local colouring.

Kumpel Craft – is a traditional good beer offered by Kumpel brewery, which is brewed following the author’s recipe of Taras Falyk a head brewer. It is aged in a very limited amount, according to the conventional technology. It is made of water malt and hop. Craft beer has earthy taste full of hops and flavor finish with floral and caramel notes. You can try new beer types in Baczewski restaurant, Kumpel behind the Opera theatre and in Hungry Nicholas. Beer is also sold in all the shops under Kumpel.

Collectible light — ale with earthy fruit-flavoured taste, left by ripe mango. In beer brewing process, there are used the following varieties of hop: Citra, Amarillo and Nelson Sauvin, which add to beer pleasant bitterness and flavor finish.  Density - 13,8%, alcoholic content no less than 5%. Caloric content 49 kcal/100g.

Collectible dark – dark ale, prepared using burned malt,  which is received when roasting barley. Beer is characterized by earthy flavor full of hops brought out by caramel malt.  Density – 12%, alcoholic content no less than 4%. Caloric content 49 kcal/100g.




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