The Galicians traditionally observe fasting for seven weeks before Easter. This is the biggest and the most important fasting in the year which has its history and interesting traditions. In the first day of the Great Lent on the Clean Monday the inhabitants of Galicia even used to rinse their mouths with vodka to make sure that no traces of food, forbidden to eat during Lent, are left.

Every region of Galicia had its own special Lenten dishes. For example, in Nadsiannia (north-western part of Subcarpathia) they served “kvasivka” (soup made of cabbage kvass with mushrooms and thickened with flour) and “kyslytsia” (oatmeal or grits soup) during Lent. In Lemkivshchyna (in the Carpathians) they cooked “yabchanka” – cream soup made of sour apples with flour and water. In the north-western part of Zhovkva region they cooked “Polish borscht” made of sour beet with millet. In northern part of Bibrka region until recently during Lent one could taste “varenytsi” with cabbage – rhombi of Lenten dough which, after being boiled, were mixed with stewed sour cabbage. The citizens of Lviv during Lent cooked potato cabbage rolls in mushroom sauce, mushroom gravy, pea rissoles, cabbage pies, Lenten soup with white mushrooms and various salads.

So, for you not to be distracted by the thoughts of fatty and Lenten food, we made a special menu for those who observe Lent or want to taste traditional Lenten dishes of Lviv region. You can taste Lenten meals at Kumpel restaurant in Mytna Square, Kumpel behind the Opera House, Holodnyi Mykola (Hungry Mykola) and Baczewski Restaurant.

Menu is valid until Easter.


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